Biogradetech Showcases Extensive Product Line, Demonstrating Commitment to Scientific Advancement

Biogradetech Showcases Extensive Product Line, Demonstrating Commitment to Scientific Advancement

Biogradetech, a leading supplier of critical materials and reagents for the global life sciences and pharmaceutical research industry, is proud to present its diverse and comprehensive product line, showcasing the company’s dedication to supporting scientific progress and innovation.

Biogradetech’s extensive product line covers a wide range of research areas, providing scientists and researchers with the tools they need to drive breakthrough discoveries. Let’s explore the primary and secondary classifications within Biogradetech’s product offerings:


Biogradetech offers a wide selection of antibodies, catering to various research needs. The primary antibody category provides specific and reliable tools for target detection, while the secondary antibody category offers secondary detection options for enhanced sensitivity. Additionally, Biogradetech’s antibody pairs provide comprehensive solutions for various applications, ensuring accurate and efficient results.


Biogradetech’s protein category encompasses a diverse array of products, including cytokines, protein purification tools, protein-related enzymes, and recombinant proteins. These high-quality proteins play a crucial role in studying cellular processes, protein interactions, and therapeutic development. Researchers can rely on Biogradetech’s proteins to advance their understanding of complex biological systems.

Assay Kits

Biogradetech offers a broad range of assay kits, providing researchers with ready-to-use solutions for various applications. From sample preparation kits to protein quantification assays, these kits streamline experimental workflows and ensure accurate and reproducible results. Researchers can rely on Biogradetech’s assay kits to simplify their research processes and accelerate their scientific discoveries.

Cell Analysis

Biogradetech’s cell analysis category offers a comprehensive suite of tools for studying cellular behavior and function. Researchers can explore the extensive range of ELISA assay kits, which enable the detection and quantification of specific proteins in complex biological samples. Moreover, Biogradetech provides a variety of cells, including 3D cultures/organoids, cell lines, and cell transfection reagents, empowering researchers to investigate cell biology with precision and efficiency.

Biochemical Reagents

Biogradetech’s biochemical reagents play a vital role in various research applications. The fluorescent probes facilitate the visualization and tracking of specific molecules within cells and tissues, enabling researchers to unravel intricate biological processes. Additionally, the toxins, inhibitors, and activators offered by Biogradetech provide valuable tools for studying molecular pathways and manipulating cellular functions.

Molecular Biology

Biogradetech’s molecular biology products encompass a range of essential tools for genetic research. From restriction enzymes for DNA manipulation to nucleic acid synthesis kits and molecular-related enzymes, researchers can rely on Biogradetech to provide reliable and high-quality reagents for PCR, mRNA synthesis, and other molecular biology techniques.

IHC reagents

Biogradetech offers a comprehensive selection of IHC reagents and accessories, including the Polymer HRP, facilitating accurate and detailed immunohistochemical analysis.

Other Reagents

Biogradetech’s product line extends to include a wide range of other reagents that are crucial for various research applications. From Poly-HRP secondary antibodies for enhanced detection in immunoassays to buffers and streptavidin/biotin reagents for protein interactions and labeling, Biogradetech ensures that researchers have access to the necessary tools to advance their scientific endeavors.

With its diverse and comprehensive product line, Biogradetech continues to support scientific advancements in the life sciences and pharmaceutical research industry. Researchers can rely on Biogradetech’s high-quality products to drive innovation, accelerate discoveries, and make a lasting impact on the scientific community.

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