Biogradetech and AmyJet Announce Strategic Partnership for Chinese Market

Biogradetech and AmyJet Announce Strategic Partnership for Chinese Market

Biogradetech, a leading biotechnology company, and AmyJet Scientific, a specialized high-tech biotechnology company, are pleased to announce their strategic partnership for the Chinese market. The collaboration aims to leverage the strengths of both companies to expand the presence of Biogradetech in China and provide exceptional services to customers in the region.

The partnership between Biogradetech and AmyJet was established after in-depth discussions and mutual recognition of each other’s business models and commitment to customer satisfaction. Biogradetech was highly impressed with AmyJet’s excellent track record in serving customers and their comprehensive approach to biotechnology solutions.

As a result of the strategic trust built during the discussions, Biogradetech’s CEO, John Smith, has authorized AmyJet as the exclusive agent for the Chinese market. AmyJet will be responsible for promoting the Biogradetech brand, recruiting agents, and driving sales in China.

“We are excited to join forces with AmyJet and have them represent our brand in the Chinese market,” said John Smith, CEO of Biogradetech. “Their expertise and strong presence in the biotechnology industry make them an ideal partner for us. We have full confidence in AmyJet’s capabilities to effectively promote our products and provide outstanding support to our customers in China.”

AmyJet, with its established network and reputation as a trusted supplier in the biotechnology sector, is well-positioned to introduce Biogradetech’s innovative solutions to the Chinese market. The partnership will enable Biogradetech to reach a wider customer base and meet the growing demand for advanced biotechnology products and services in China.

“We are honored to be chosen as the exclusive agent for Biogradetech in China,” said a representative from AmyJet Scientific. “We believe that Biogradetech’s cutting-edge technologies and high-quality products will greatly benefit the Chinese biotechnology industry. We are committed to promoting their brand and providing exceptional support to ensure their success in this market.”

The strategic partnership between Biogradetech and AmyJet signifies a significant step forward in expanding Biogradetech’s presence in China. Both companies are confident that this collaboration will strengthen their positions in the biotechnology market and deliver exceptional value to customers.

AmyJet Scientific:

AmyJet Scientific, also known as AmyJet, was established in late 2010 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The company operates as a specialized high-tech biotechnology enterprise that integrates independent research and development, reagent importation, laboratory consumables sales, technical services, and contract development. AmyJet holds import and export qualifications and has its own international logistics capabilities. They have established long-term and stable partnerships with over 80 well-known suppliers of reagents, instruments, raw materials, and technical services, both domestically and internationally.


Biogradetech is a leading supplier of critical materials and reagents for the global life sciences and pharmaceutical research industry. They offer a wide range of products in areas such as cell biology, proteomics, molecular biology, immunology, microbiology, diagnostics, biochemistry, neuroscience, blood analysis, and high-throughput drug screening. Biogradetech’s products are highly sought after by research institutions and biopharmaceutical companies worldwide, renowned for their high quality, reliability, and service.

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