New arrival: LongFluo™ Antifade Mountant Medium

New arrival: LongFluo™ Antifade Mountant Medium

Assay Principle
Fluorescence quenching refers to the irreversible degradation of fluorescent molecules due to environmental factors such as light, pH, temperature, or interactions with other molecules. This phenomenon leads to a reduction in the intensity of the visible signal observed through fluorescence microscopy and laser confocal microscopy. However, the use of an antifade mounting medium can effectively prevent the quenching of the fluorescence signal, maintaining its brightness and stability.

LongFluo™ Antifade Mountant Medium, with DAPI is used to seal fluorescent tissue and cell samples with DAPI and unique anti-fluorescence quencher ingredients and compatible with a variety of fluorescent dyes to protect the entire visible and infrared spectrum and prevent fluorescence signal quenching. The original luminescence intensity can be maintained more than 2 weeks when the sample is stored at 4°C or -20°C.

Fig. Displays the utilization of the LongFluo™ Antifade Mountant Medium in conjunction with DAPI staining on paraffin
sections of mouse lung tissue

Features & Benefits
• Strong anti-fluorescence quenching effect: Stored away from light for more than 2 weeks, the original luminous
intensity can still be maintained.

• High compatibility: The carefully optimized formula is compatible with a variety of fluorescent dyes.

• Easy to operate: Ready-to-use, no configuration required.


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