AT 655 NHS Ester: A Versatile Fluorescent Label for Life Sciences

AT 655 NHS Ester: A Versatile Fluorescent Label for Life Sciences

AT 655 NHS Ester, available from Biogradetech under the catalog number B-CHM505, is a cutting-edge fluorescent label designed for a wide range of applications in the field of life sciences. This dye offers exceptional performance in DNA, RNA, and protein labeling. With its unique properties, AT 655 opens up exciting possibilities for single-molecule detection and advanced microscopy techniques such as PALM, dSTORM, SIM, and STED.

Key Features

  1. Robust Absorption: AT 655 exhibits strong absorption, allowing for efficient excitation of the dye molecule.
  1. Favorable Fluorescence Quantum Yield: The dye demonstrates a high fluorescence quantum yield, enabling bright and reliable signal detection.
  1. Exceptional Thermal and Photo Stability: AT 655 maintains its fluorescence intensity even under challenging conditions, ensuring reliable and reproducible results.
  1. Remarkable Resistance to Ozone: The dye shows excellent resistance to ozone-induced degradation, guaranteeing long-term stability.
  1. Excellent Water Solubility: AT 655 is highly soluble in water, facilitating its use in various biological applications.
  1. Minimal Triplet Generation: The dye’s unique structure minimizes triplet generation, reducing the likelihood of photobleaching.

Product Properties

  • Spectral properties: AT 655 has an excitation wavelength (Ex) of 663 nm and an emission wavelength (Em) of 680 nm.
  • Molecular Weight (MW): The molecular weight of AT 655 is 887 g/mol.
  • Extinction Coefficient (εmax): The maximum extinction coefficient of AT 655 is 1.25 x 105 M-1 cm-1, indicating its high sensitivity.
  • Fluorescence Quantum Yield (ηfl): AT 655 exhibits a fluorescence quantum yield of 30%, ensuring bright and detectable signals.
  • Fluorescence Lifetime (τfl): The fluorescence lifetime of AT 655 is 1.8 ns, contributing to its excellent performance in time-resolved experiments.
  • Cross-Reactivity (CF260 and CF280): AT 655 has low cross-reactivity with nucleic acids, as indicated by CF260 (0.24) and CF280 (0.08) values.


Storage Recommendations

AT 655 NHS Ester is shipped without solvents at room temperature. Upon receipt, it is crucial to store the product at -20 ᄚC to maintain its stability. Before opening the vial, allow it to equilibrate to room temperature to prevent condensation, which can affect the dye’s performance. Proper storage ensures the longevity and reliability of AT 655.


Biogradetech is proud to offer AT 655 NHS Ester, a versatile fluorescent label that empowers researchers in the life sciences field. With its outstanding properties, including robust absorption, high fluorescence quantum yield, exceptional stability, and resistance to ozone, AT 655 is an ideal choice for DNA, RNA, and protein labeling. Its compatibility with advanced microscopy techniques and single-molecule detection further expands the possibilities for groundbreaking research. Trust Biogradetech for high-quality products that drive scientific progress.

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