Instant TAE Buffer, Lyophilized Powder: Simplifying DNA Electrophoresis

Instant TAE Buffer, Lyophilized Powder: Simplifying DNA Electrophoresis

Biogradetech is excited to introduce the Instant TAE Buffer, a lyophilized powder that revolutionizes DNA electrophoresis. TAE (Tris-Acetate-EDTA) Buffer is a widely used nucleic acid electrophoresis buffer in biological research, primarily employed for agarose gel electrophoresis of DNA fragments. With the convenience and ease of use offered by the TAE Buffer, scientists can now streamline their experimental workflows and achieve faster and more efficient results.

The TAE Buffer is a white lyophilized powder that can be easily reconstituted to prepare 1 L of 1× TAE Buffer. The main components of the TAE Buffer are Tris-acetate and EDTA-2Na. The Tris-acetate concentration in 1× TAE Buffer is 40 mM, while the EDTA-2Na concentration is 1 mM. The use of TAE Buffer as an electrophoresis buffer enables rapid migration of double-stranded linear DNA fragments. For fragments larger than 13 kb, TAE Buffer is generally recommended for optimal separation. Additionally, TAE Buffer is suitable for DNA fragment recovery. However, due to its limited buffering capacity, it is not recommended for prolonged electrophoresis (e.g., overnight runs).

The TAE Buffer, provided by Biogradetech, offers researchers a convenient and efficient solution for their DNA electrophoresis needs. The lyophilized powder format allows for easy storage and long shelf life. To prepare the TAE Buffer for use, simply follow these steps:

  1. Measure approximately 600 ml of distilled water and add it to a beaker. Place a magnetic stir bar in the beaker.
  1. Position the beaker on a magnetic stirrer and slowly add the entire contents of one pouch of the TAE Buffer to the stirring solution. Stir the mixture until the powder is completely dissolved.
  1. Add distilled water to the TAE solution from step 2, bringing the final volume to 1 L, resulting in a 1× concentration of TAE Buffer.

The TAE Buffer, with its ease of use and reliable performance, empowers researchers to enhance their DNA electrophoresis experiments. Biogradetech remains committed to providing high-quality products that enable scientific advancements and contribute to the progress of the life sciences and pharmaceutical research industry.

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